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@Shelby Smith, 1, nice that you got a new laptop.2. This movie deals with multiple themes. I wouldn't say they are too mature, but they are definitely themes that older people do deal with. Let me start with the premise. Puss in Boots comes to terms with his morality, something I believe all children need to learn. What makes the movie even better, is that it shows children, that heroes aren't invicible and even the best shows fear. It probably had the best depiction of a panic attack I've seen in most media. It discusses that arrogance is ones downfall, and how we need to rely on each other.As far as children learning new terms, yeah that part might not be great, but they do learn them eventually, and what's best now is tell them that those terms aren't good for us to use.The movie doesn't throw around murder and torture, Jack Horner is treated as a terrible person for the things he does, and with Puss' previous lives, it throws it around as 'no big deal'. Which is exactly why the Wolf, Death, comes after him. He is tired that Puss hasn't held his lives dear. Our lives aren't worth anything unless we treasure it. Which is something I had to learn.A hardened war criminal probably would have just laughed at all the death, so I don't think that it would bother them.Overall, the movie was great. It was corny at times, and the ending was fluff. I'll keep the animation out of it, cause that's in another league of its own. I could go on, however, I best believe the movie is best to experience it yourself. The movie was a 10/10 for me.P.S My family loved it. And if you think its too mature, you can always wait a few years to see it if you want.

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2. Whose parents or other person responsible for his careneglects or refuses to provide care necessary for his health; however, no childwho in good faith is under treatment solely by spiritual means through prayerin accordance with the tenets and practices of a recognized church or religiousdenomination shall for that reason alone be considered to be an abused orneglected child. Further, a decision by parents who have legal authority forthe child or, in the absence of parents with legal authority for the child, anyperson with legal authority for the child who refuses a particular medicaltreatment for a child with a life-threatening condition shall not be deemed arefusal to provide necessary care if (i) such decision is made jointly by theparents or other person with legal authority and the child; (ii) the child hasreached 14 years of age and is sufficiently mature to have an informed opinionon the subject of his medical treatment; (iii) the parents or other person withlegal authority and the child have considered alternative treatment options;and (iv) the parents or other person with legal authority and the child believein good faith that such decision is in the child's best interest. Nothing inthis subdivision shall be construed to limit the provisions of 16.1-278.4;

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