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Serviio License

The free version of Serviio will stream media within a home network to connected TVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. Since it is DLNA compliant, it will stream supported devices on the same network. Serviio also has a "Pro" license for $25 that will allow users to access their libraries outside the home. This license also enables dynamic transcoding to convert higher bit rate video or audio files into lower bit rate formats to permit viewing on slower broadband connections.[2] Another paid feature is "media browser" that allows users to stream content to a web browser (desktop or mobile) at home or on the go.[3]

Serviio License

The Pro license permits users to stream to third party applications for Android and Windows devices at home or on another network. In addition, users can use the server to watch online content including live TV or RSS feeds.[2]

ChangelogVersion 1.4: 14.11.2017 - Updated for Serviio 1.9. All previous versions for OMV 3.x and below have been removed.Version 1.3.2 08.08.2016 - Updated for Serviio 1.7.Version 1.3.1 23.04.2016 - Updated for Serviio 1.6.1.Version 1.3: 10.03.2016 - Updated for Serviio 1.6. Cleaned up installation steps. Removed Web UI as Serviio has it's own. Changed install directory to /usr/share/serviio to align with future plugin.Version 1.2: 10.04.2015 - Updated for Serviio 1.5.2. Reformatted to OMV guide template by @topi. Removed install license step.Version 1.1: 25.02.2015 - Updated for Serviio 1.5.1.Version 1.0: 08.11.2014 - Removed Sardaukar(OMV 0.5.x) instructions. Removed FFmpeg install from repository. Removed Oracle Java 7 installation steps.

I did this because it turns out the newer versions of UMS require v7. I got ums running in a vm but didnt have any media mounted. So I am curious as to how it compares to serviio. Ums requires no scanning...

I followed your guide and got the webui working. Thanks! With it you can at least see the full info on the folders being scanned. Still missing a little from the java console or its just different. I run that from my ubuntu desktop by adding -Dserviio.remoteHost=192.168.1.xx on to the end of the JAVA_OPTS variable.

Hi,I have some strange issues with my web-console. I had instaled serviio for log time and works fine, but web-console not work at all. I ve done every thing same as you explaining in first post, except I ve used newest version from github. But when I go to I get a blank page.

The Serviio software is subject to a proprietary license. You can choose between a free version and a commercial Pro version, which costs a one-off fee of $25. Serviio Pro has some additional functions not available in the free version, such as a web-based media browser and an app for Android devices. Serviio uses free libraries, such as FFmpeg, x264, and the LAME MP3 encoder.

The Serviio server also supports less common video and audio formats and understands popular image, playlist, and subtitle formats. You can pick up the server as a tar archive of only about 30MB from the project's website. The download version is the Pro edition, but it will automatically switch to the free version after 15 days if you do not purchase a license.


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