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Styles Solton Downloadl

(Oct 2014) Thanks to one of the PSR Tutorial Forum members for providing us with a batch of styles converted from other keyboards for use with the Yamaha PSR-9000. These styles, of course, also work on later Yamaha arranger keyboards. All of the styles have 4 variations, but none have OTS voices. None of the styles here are exact duplicates of styles provided in other sections. Since these are conversions, they may require additional tuning for your particular keyboard and, of course, you would have to add your own one touch setting voices if you want them included with the style.

Styles Solton Downloadl

If you are looking for styles that are new and different from what you have come to expect from the traditional Yamaha styles, and if you have learned how to adjust styles, you will undoubtedly find many great new additions to your library in this collection.


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