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Android MIT App Inventor €? Auto Connect To Bluetooth LINK Full

In a previous post I showed how to connect an app inventor Android app to a Bluetooth module connected to an Arduino to control an LED. See Turning a LED on and off with an Arduino, a HC-06 and Android

Android MIT App Inventor – Auto Connect To Bluetooth FULL

The easiest way to add an auto connect would be to use a fixed address and put the connection function call in the Screen1.Initialize block. Since the Screen1.Initialize block runs automatically when the app is started, the app would try to make the connection every time it started.This is quick and easy but it means the mac address for the BT module is hard coded in to the app and to change the address you would need to change the app and recompile. This makes it very difficult to use a different Bluetooth module.

A better way is to allow the user to connect to any BT module and then save the address for next time. Then, when the the app is run again it can use the saved address to auto-connect to the Bluetooth module. By saving the address every time a new connection is made the user can change Bluetooth modules with ease.

And honestly i never used android studio because my laptop maybe couldnt handle it & i only could read java (even need sometimes) or lets say i lack of java. So mit app inventor is my best solution :D

i have successfully auto connect the bluetooth,but is it possible with app inventor that when we open the app then if my bluetooth is not ON then one message box pop up and ask for turning on bluetooth.??if this possible ,please guide.

Hi,to change the name and PIN you need to use AT commands and AT commands cannot be sent over the bluetooth connection. They can only be sent over the serial connection using the RX and TX pins. This means you need to use an Arduino (or something similar) to change the modules properties.

I was wondering how to auto-connect to the same BT module every time I run the app? Do I just hard code the address into the purple call Connect block and if so, how do I obtain the address for the BT module I want to use?

hi,So tried to working with MIT App Inventor and communicate two screen with single Bluetooth module. i am able to communicate Bluetooth in Screen 1 but in multiple screen it just disconnect from device.can you please help to initialize bluetooth module for multiple screen.

How to code if bluetooth disconnected and automatically locked without using controlI am frustrated with this problem, I hope you can give an example of the code. Thanks for the help. greetings from Indonesia

Excuse me, I want to ask. whether the smartphone can establish an automatic connection with the arduino when close together, after the smartphone and bluetooth disconnected because of the distance., Thank you

Because each screen has to have its own Bluetooth connection and you cannot share a connection across different screens I recommend using pseudo screens. This is where you hide and display elements to make it look like you are moving to a new screen. See -inventor-2-pseudo-screens/

App Inventor will automatically show you the app you are building, but only if your computer (running App Inventor) and your device (running the Companion) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. See a more detailed explanation of this here.

BT supports error correction and packet re-transmission. A faulty wireless connection will lead to an increase in the bit error rate, so error correcting packets transmit redundant information which can be used by the receiver to correct faulty packets. This significantly reduces the bit error rate and eliminates the need for repeated packets. Additionally an automatic repeat request packet re-transmission scheme can be applied where each packet is checked for errors. Re-transmission is done if packets are lost or not acknowledged, allowing for safe data transmission at the hardware and low level driver level.

We aim to build an application that will display sensor readings obtained from DS18B20 connected with Arduino programmed in Arduino IDE. This transmission of data from the module to the application will occur via Bluetooth. The reading will automatically update to new values in real-time when the IoT app receives them.

great tutorial. using app inventor 2, i did the same app but there is problem. after i run the app on my phone in the beginning it displays not connected message but after that it displays a number (-65536). so i dont know whether the device is connected or not?

After downloading, launch the Dot Watch 2 application and register. After registering, you are ready to pair your Dot Watch. All portions of the Dot Watch app are fully accessible using VoiceOver with speech or braille. I found the pairing process to be simple and straightforward. Please read about how to pair the Dot Watch here. Though there is a way to set the time without being paired to a mobile device, once a connection is established, the Dot Watch will automatically synchronize with your phone, and show the correct time.

Also addressed since the last time I wrote about the Fire tablet and braille support was the issue related to a paired braille display being remembered after the Fire restart. With the latest update, Fire OS remembers the paired display, and I have seen no issues with the braille display being remembered despite restarting the device multiple times. The only time I found that a braille display would not successfully connect was if the Fire was unlocked before a braille display was turned on. Simply locking the Fire, turning on the braille display, and then unlocking the Fire yields consistent results. 350c69d7ab


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