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System Of A Down - Spiders ##TOP##

"Spiders" refers to the connecting wires of our brain. As you can see in the music video, the delicate wires and neurons look a little like spiders' legs. "The spiders all in tune" refers to brain activity. The "evening of the moon" could refer to the nearing end of one's life.

System of a Down - Spiders


It is possible that a spider in this song is a symbol for computer chips (the V-chip). The chip on the cover of the single looks vaguely similar to a spider (small, black, many legs). The spiders all in tune - the chips operating properly.

"The piercing radiant moon," - X-Rays to prep the operation."The storming of poor June," - resistence to the operation."All the life running through her hair," Wires hooked up to her head represented metaphorically as life since her life now exists through the Matrix like reality."Approaching guiding light," - Light used to illuminate the surgical area for the implant."Our shallow years in fright," - Her mind is afraid of losing her past, which at her young age are a few years or "shallow years""Dreams are made winding through my head," He too has undergone the government implants which compose a dreamlike reality."Through my head,Before you know, Awake," - Before you know it the implants are in and you are "awake" which really means you are still asleep with no memory of what has happened to you."Your lives are open wide," - They scanned your memory during the operation and continue to read your mind using the implant."The V-chip gives them sight," - see above..."All the life running through her hair," - see above..."The spiders all in tune," - The nano implants are all synchronized and working properly and together for their purpose...also they weave the dreams or reality you know experience."The evening of the moon," - it rhymes..."Dreams are made winding through my head," see above..."Through my head,Before you know, Awake(SOLO)Through my head,Before you know,Before you know I will be waiting all awake," - All awake meaning you will know the truth..."Dreams are made winding through her hair,Dreams are made winding through her hair." - this is all sum it up a woman is basically placed inside a Matrix like reality while the scientist or government agents (all this is seen in the video) study her. The dreams are made by the implants in her head. You can clearly see the wires hooked up to her in the video. Her levitation symbolized that human potential we all have to rise above this and over come what the government is trying to do to control us. This make sense for everyone?

This is a great song by SOAD and I think that the spiders they talk about are referring to sound devices the government could hear you through which explains why they say the spiders all in tune........also they make reference to the V-Chip which is a device used in your tvs to control what you watch and they say the government can pretty much see your whole life....."your lives are open wide, the v-chip gives them sight"

Serj is obviously shiva the destroyer hence the dreads and the ash and shivas realm is exactly like what the video shows a dead like spirit world covered in ash then vishnu comes the god of creation to recreate the illusion the girl levitates because we...threw buddhist practice Or any other means of enlightenment are trying to break the cycle research hinduism and buddhism and this song and most of system of a downs songs will make sense to you. I think its awesome how they force you to think without actually telling you what its about the ashy dead world, Serj costume and lyrics are a dead give away. I never knew until I read more into eastern religion what this song or the video where about the government has nothing to do with it theres a battle far greater than petty wars for control all this war and greed is just our way of dealing with the prison of our reality think about it in prison prisoners form gangs that govern the main population to try and maintain humanity in an other words animalistic situation no rights no control. But They mean nothing to the police who really control the prison The gods in hinduism are our jailors and serj's character shiva feels bad for doing what hes doing but its not his fault your "we" are so easy to fool.

It's about government monitoring your daily life. All the dreams and everything is seen by the government. "The V-Chip gives them sight/Of all the life running through her hair" the v-chip implanted by the government has track of all the details, including all her hair. I don't think the part where it says "The spiders all in tune" means a micro camera or something. For me it means that again, they know every little detail. Or the song could be about the government implanting dreams into making that person think it's reality and that the spiders are the little details the government puts in the dream so it seems real. And that before they know, they're "dead" but they're really awakening from a dream.

This song is purely spiritual. I didn't understand until the dreams came winding through my head as well.The piercing radiant moon, the storming of poor june, All the life running through her hair: The dreams come at night. The storming of poor June represents the great spiritual battle, which the dreamer does not yet know is to come. As the life, the holy spirit enters her, the storm, the great spiritual battle, will follow.Approaching guiding light: Holy spirit is coming to lead you to your spiritual awakening. Our shallow years in fright: We are fearful, living in our frailty, and searching for answers. When we ask with sincerity, the following occurs: Dreams are made winding through my head: Dreams and visions, yielding clarity of the holy spirit, which guides you.Before you know, awake. Not literally. Your experience from the dreams and visions creates an awakening of the holy spirit within you. You can feel it, and once you can feel it "surge"ing through you, you are fully awake and in the presence of the spirit.Your lives are open wide, The V-chip gives them sight: This could mean several things. However, I feel that it means that once you have been awakened, both sides will grasp for you in your dreams. I feel that the V-chip in this case represents the seed of the spirit that has been planted. Satan can see that this has happened, and has now been given sight, or awareness of your spiritual awakening--> he is now entering the competition for your soul, for before you were awakened, you were already his. The spiders are the demons who are in tune with what is going on in your life, and they will attack you, at night, also during your dreams.Before you know I will be waiting all awake. Once you have overcome the demons, you will be waiting for Him, fully awake in the spirit, understanding and knowing God, and knowing he will be there for you in the end.

I think this song is called spiders because we have nowhere to hide from cameras and remote viewing and when Serj says "your lives are open wide, the v-chip gives them sight." it means you have nowhere to run and hide from anything because you are being watched by someone. And when he says "Before you know all awake" it means before you know it someone knows what you're doing. This is one of my favorite songs by System of a Down

No they do not mean the v-chip in your tv, they are talking about a chip they plan on implanting in humans which works as a hynotist and controls your reality, all this is headed by the catholic church which are known as spiders in new age, Meaning they spin(or create/control) reality. The catholic church is incharge of the whole crime network, you can also consider that one of their webs. It sounds crazy but its true, do some research for a better understanding. Do some research on neuro nets also to get a better understanding of what a web is.

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There's literally no other singer in the world who sounds like Serj Tankian. The System of a Down frontman has an instantly recognizable voice that can shift between operatic belts, psychotic screeches and carnival barker-esque trills within the period of a single song. He's undeniably one of the most iconic, inventive and downright crazy-sounding vocalists in all of metal, so naturally, narrowing down his best vocal performances to one hand's worth of fingers is no easy task. That said, we asked and you all delivered, and the results might surprise even the most diehard Tankian heads. Below, are the top five vote-getters.

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