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Buy 55 Gallon Metal Drum

And the good thing is, there are so many DIY projects you can do with used 55-gallon drums, including growing vegetables, burning sensitive documents, and making a cheap BBQ grill or drum smoker. Creating creative ways to use plastic and metal barrels is also a great way to reduce landfill waste by upcycling stuff.

buy 55 gallon metal drum

Short Answer: The easiest way to get free 55 gallon drums is through online peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Letgo, and other sites like Craigslist.

Other top places to get free plastic and metal 55-gallon drums nearby include drink manufacturers, construction and insulation companies, car dealerships & auto shops, car washes, homebrew supply stores, industrial waste collection companies, newspaper ads, and paint companies. Also, a cheap place to find drums is at a nearby scrap yard and junkyard business.

Bulk drink manufacturers are a great place to get free 55-gallon drums. They use drums to store bottled or canned products. So if there is a brewery or bottled water company in your area, go there and inquire. For instance, beverage manufacturers like Pepsi have over 100 manufacturing facilities, and Coca-Cola has over a dozen production centers in the US.

Construction companies also tend to buy things like spray-on insulation and paints that come in large 55-gallon barrels. Once the drums are emptied, the companies rarely have any further use for them.

A car dealership or auto shop is one of the best places to get a 55-gallon diesel drum or a used 55-gallon steel drum. Car-based liquids are usually delivered in large barrels to auto dealerships and auto repair shops. Car dealers with maintenance departments are even more likely to have extra drums.

Car washes are common places to get free 55-gallon plastic drums near me. They usually receive soap deliveries in large plastic barrels. You can drive around and ask nearby car washes. But your best bet is going to your regular gas station with vacuums and a car wash.

Whether you want a metal or plastic drum, industrial waste collection companies are great places to check. Manufacturing industries usually receive a lot of chemicals and other materials delivered in large 55-gallon drums. These are collected and safely disposed of by industrial waste collection companies.

Also, take advantage of places with free newspapers like restaurants and your local library. You can even place an ad in your community newspaper showing your interest to pick up and dispose of used things like wooden pallets, haul away dirt with rocks, aluminum can recycling, or 55-gallon drums for free.

Paint companies are also common places to find free used 55-gallon drums. They usually have their paint and primer shipped in large barrels to help reduce shipping costs. Once emptied, they are either tossed in landfills or disposed of at cheap prices.

Not many people want used 55-gallon drums. And as you know, most unwanted stuff ends up in the landfills or recycling centers. So your best bet is to make a trip to the nearby scrapyard & junkyard companies to see whether you can get free 55-gallon drums.

That makes eBay a great place to buy new and used 55-gallon drums. You can also buy a cheap steel drum for burning stuff from the comfort of your home. The online marketplace has plastic and metal drums, ranging from $10 to $250 depending on the seller, material, condition, and shipping costs.

Types of Drums: New, used, metal, plastic Plastic Drum Cost: $60 or morePolyurethane Drum Cost: $100 or moreMetal Drum Cost: $60 or more

Based in Port Washington, New York, Global industrial sells industrial products and office supplies to businesses. They have distribution centers in 5 states, namely Georgia, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, and Wisconsin. You can also buy used, and new 55-gallon drums directly from their website and have them shipped home or your business.

McMaster Carr is a private American supplier of hardware tools and materials based in Elmhurst, Illinois. With about five distribution centers in Illinois, New Jersey, California, Georgia, and Ohio, McMaster Carr is a great place to get a 50-gallon drum for cheap if you live nearby.

They stock plastic, steel, stainless steel, and fiber drums with a price range of $130 to $1300. How much you pay depends on capacity, style, and material. The options include both opened head and closed head drums whose capacity range is 16gal to 85gal.

Types of Drums: New painted steel, corrosion-resistant steel, heavy-duty plastic, stainless steel, food industry stainless steel, fiber, fiber drums with liner, salvage, high-temperature round batch cans with a faucet, and steel drums with drain.Plastic Drum Cost: $130 or more in white, black, yellow, or blueSteel Drum Cost: $225 or moreStainless Steel Drum Cost: $420 or more

Uline is a top company offering shipping and other business supplies. It has distribution centers in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, and Mexico. They stock plastic, fiber, stainless steel, and lined/unlined steel 55-gallon drums that you can buy online or in-store at wholesale prices.

Other common uses of 55-gallon drums include making pond filters, making plastic 55-gallon drum trailers, chicken/pig feeder/waterer, making a simple barrel stove, a stylish nightstand, and upcycle furniture chairs vs. buying used furniture.

If you need 55-gallon drums for water-related projects, consider buying used or new barrels from local stores that carry 55-gallon drums for sale. You can also order from online sites like Uline or eBay and have them shipped to your place.

When you receive your drum, take time to clean it entirely with soap, water, and other recommended 55-gallon drum solvents. Then rinse well to remove and wash off all chemical residue before putting it to any use.

Hello Anissa,Thank you for inquiry about selling your drums. Unfortunately, Skolnik is a manufacturer of new drums, we do not purchase used drums. You might want to contact the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association at 301-577-6476 to find a local drum reconditioner.All the best,Howard Skolnik

The Seedling Evaporator Barrel Stove Kit contains the door, leg and stack-collar assemblies you need to turn a 55 gallon barrel into an efficient, portable, open-air, wood-fired evaporator. Pair with the Seedling Evaporator Pan and some Seedling Stove Pipe for the complete set of materials needed to turn your barrel into a backyard evaporator. Or, purchase the BYOB Seedling Evaporator Kit for the materials plus our instructions. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, the Seedling Evaporator Barrel Stove Kit comes complete with easy-to-follow directions and hardware.

Used open head drum .16GA 1.5mm. We purchased these drums back from a customer that had outdrown them. Drums have a 1" npt drain installed and include a used ball valve. We guarantee the drums not to leak but cannot warranty the valve. Drums do not include a lid

Used 100 gallon open head drum. Heavy duty, all welded drum has four 1/2" vent holes approximately 1.5" from top. The holes can be left open or TIG welded closed. Only 46" tall, this drum has a huge capacity but is still short enough to handle.

Used, closed head drum made from 1.2 /.9 / 1.2 mm 304 stainless. This is a slightly heavier drum. The top and bottoms are 1.2 mm and the body is .9 mm. The 12/9/12 construction makes the drum more rigid, and is less likely to bend along the chime if dropped.

Used open head drum . Heavy duty, all welded drum has four vent holes approximately 1.5" from top. Vent holes range from 1/4" to almost 1/2" in diameter. The holes can be left open or TIG welded closed.

Red Ripper can be used at a 1:1 ratio all the way up to a 1:100 ratio. That means 1 gallon of product will make you 2 gallons (for heavy duty jazz), or 100 GALLONS (for general cleaning) ! There are deals and discounts run on Red Ripper often, but as a baseline of $9.95-$15.95 per gallon, that is definitely some major bang for your buck. Why do people break the bank for name brand products that do the same as others? Make it make sense, people! Save money, less hassle, fast shipping, what could be better?

I needed (3) 55 gallon drums to hold fuel. Two weeks of exhaustive searching proved fruitless as most drums were prohibitively priced or the shipping charges were ridiculous. Then I finally found Industry Supply. Three brand new drums at $89. each and less than $10. each to ship. Start to delivery, 4 days. I will only buy drums from Industry Supply in the future. So should you.

Justrite adjustable brass safety faucet fits 3/4 inch NPT bung and has a self-closing safety feature with an internal flame arrestor to prevent flashback of fire into the drum, a PTFE o-ring compatible with most non-corrosive solvents and 13/16...

This brass constructed safety faucet has an internal flame arrestor to prevent flashback of fire into the drum, a PTFE o-ring to prevent leakage and 1/2 inch internal threads for hose extension (SKU 533B6) to prevent spills or splashes when dispensing...

Self-closing safety faucet has an internal flame arrestor to prevent flashback of fire into the drum. The rigid 3/4 inch brass safety faucet is designed to handle light weight (non-viscous) flammable liquids.This safety faucet fits a 3/4 inch bung, has...

Best, safest and most efficient way to heat 55 gallon drums. Gordo Sales has excellent service after the sale and stands behind their product 100%. I have sold these band heaters for years with only one failure and that was handled immediately.

These heaters work great. We purchased three to heat 45 gallons of water in a stainless kettle to 50C and as advertised, it took 2 hours. We then shut two of them off and left one on at low power to maintain 50C for 24 hours. Gordo was great. Fast shipping and easy to use ordering and product tracking. 041b061a72


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