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TRT 1'in Popüler Dizi, Film ve Programlarını TRT İzle Uygulamasıyla İndirin

TRT 1 Indir: How to Watch Turkey's First TV Channel Online

If you are interested in Turkish culture, history, entertainment, and news, you might want to watch TRT 1, the first and flagship channel of the Turkish public broadcaster TRT. But how can you watch it online, especially if you are not in Turkey or do not have access to a TV? In this article, we will show you how to download and watch TRT 1 online, as well as give you some information about the channel and its programs.

trt 1 indir

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What is TRT 1?

TRT 1 is the oldest and most popular television channel in Turkey, having been launched in 1968 as a test broadcast and officially in 1971. It is owned by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), which is a public service broadcaster that operates under the provisions of a special law and the constitution. TRT 1 broadcasts in Turkish language and covers a wide range of programs, from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports, education, and arts. It also broadcasts some international events, such as the FIFA World Cup, the Eurovision Song Contest, and the Olympics.

The history and evolution of TRT 1

TRT 1 has a long and rich history, as it was the first television channel to see the light in Turkey and the region. It started as Ankara Television in 1968, followed by Izmir Television in 1970 and Istanbul Television in 1971. It was the only channel in Turkey until 1986, when TRT launched TRT 2. It was renamed as TV1 in 1986 and then as TRT 1 in 1993. It switched to color broadcasting in 1984 and to HD broadcasting in 2012. It has also undergone several changes in its logo, identity, and schedule over the years.

The programs and genres of TRT 1

TRT 1 broadcasts in a large spectrum of programs, catering to different tastes and interests of the Turkish audience. Some of its most popular programs include:

  • Dramas: such as Innocents Apartment, The Organization, Alparslan: The Great Seljuks, The Heart's Mountain, The Barbaros's: The Sword of the Mediterranean, Cyprus: Towards Victory, The Eighties and Tozkoparan İskender.

  • Comedies: such as Leyla ile Majnun, Number Seven, Çiçek Taksi, Yeditepe Istanbul.

  • Documentaries: such as Legends of War, Messenger, Legends of History, Evliya Çelebi.

  • Shows: such as Learning with Yılmaz Erdoğan, Lives Like a Film with Hülya Koçyiğit, Sunday Night Concert, Mazhar Alanson ile.

  • News: such as Ana Haber (Main News), Enine Boyuna (In Depth), Pelin Çift İle Gündem Ötesi (Beyond the Agenda with Pelin Çift).

  • Sports: such as FIFA World Cup matches, Eurovision Song Contest shows, Olympics games.

The benefits and features of TRT 1

Some of the benefits and features of watching TR T 1 are:

  • It is a public service channel that aims to inform, educate, and entertain the Turkish people.

  • It is a reliable and credible source of news and information, as well as a platform for cultural and artistic expression.

  • It is a diverse and inclusive channel that reflects the different views, opinions, and identities of the Turkish society.

  • It is a high-quality and innovative channel that uses the latest technology and techniques to produce and broadcast its programs.

  • It is a free and accessible channel that can be watched by anyone with a TV or an internet connection.

How to download TRT 1?

If you want to watch TRT 1 online, you have several options to download it on your device. Here are some of the ways you can download TRT 1:

The official app of TRT 1

The easiest and most convenient way to download TRT 1 is to use its official app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to watch TRT 1 live, as well as catch up on the programs you missed. You can also access the program schedule, the latest news, and the social media accounts of TRT 1. The app is free to download and use, and it does not require any registration or subscription.

The official website of TRT 1

Another way to download TRT 1 is to visit its official website, which is The website offers a similar service as the app, as you can watch TRT 1 live, as well as browse through the archive of its programs. You can also find more information about the channel, its history, its vision, and its projects. The website is also free to access and does not require any login or sign up.

The alternative platforms of TRT 1

If you prefer to use other platforms to download TRT 1, you can also find it on some of the popular streaming services and websites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, IPTV, and Kodi. These platforms offer different features and advantages, such as higher quality, more options, and more content. However, they may also have some drawbacks, such as ads, buffering, geo-restrictions, and legal issues. Therefore, you should be careful and cautious when using these platforms to download TRT 1.

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How to watch TRT 1 live?

Once you have downloaded TRT 1 on your device, you can start watching it live anytime and anywhere. But how can you watch it live? What are the options and factors you should consider? Here are some of the aspects you should know about watching TRT 1 live:

The live streaming options of TRT 1

You can watch TRT 1 live on any of the platforms we mentioned above: the official app, the official website, or the alternative platforms. However, each platform may have different live streaming options, such as:

  • The resolution: some platforms may offer HD or even 4K resolution for TRT 1 live, while others may only offer SD or lower quality.

  • The speed: some platforms may have faster and smoother streaming for TRT 1 live, while others may have slower and lagging streaming.

  • The availability: some platforms may have more consistent and reliable streaming for TRT 1 live, while others may have more frequent and unpredictable interruptions or errors.

The quality and compatibility of TRT 1 live

The quality and compatibility of TRT 1 live depend on several factors, such as:

  • Your device: the type, model, brand, age, and condition of your device may affect how well it can play TRT 1 live.

  • Your internet connection: the speed, stability, bandwidth, and data limit of your internet connection may affect how fast and smooth TRT 1 live can stream.

  • Your location: the country, region, city, or area where you are located may affect how accessible and available TRT 1 live is for you.

  • Your preferences: your personal taste , your expectations, and your needs may affect how satisfied and happy you are with TRT 1 live.

The advantages and disadvantages of TRT 1 live

Watching TRT 1 live has its pros and cons, such as:

  • The advantages: you can enjoy the latest and most updated programs of TRT 1, you can feel more connected and involved with the Turkish culture and society, you can have more fun and excitement with the live events and shows of TRT 1.

  • The disadvantages: you may encounter some technical or legal issues with the streaming platforms, you may have to adjust your schedule and time zone to match the broadcast time of TRT 1, you may have to deal with some ads or interruptions during the streaming.


In conclusion, TRT 1 is a great channel to watch if you want to learn more about Turkey and its people. It offers a variety of programs that suit different tastes and interests, as well as a high-quality and innovative service that uses the latest technology and techniques. You can watch TRT 1 online by downloading it on your device, either from its official app or website, or from some alternative platforms. However, you should also consider the quality, compatibility, availability, and legality of the streaming options, as well as your own preferences and expectations. We hope this article has helped you understand how to download and watch TRT 1 online, and we encourage you to give it a try and enjoy its programs.

Summary of the main points

Here are the main points of this article:

  • TRT 1 is the first and flagship channel of the Turkish public broadcaster TRT.

  • TRT 1 broadcasts in Turkish language and covers a wide range of programs, from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports, education, and arts.

You can download TRT 1 on your device


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