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Buy Disney Gift Card With Target Gift Card

If you have been Couponing to Disney with us for awhile you may recall being able to use Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards. Sadly, Target ended this and changed their policy in the Summer of 2018.

buy disney gift card with target gift card


There is nothing wrong with buying physical Disney Gift Cards, however I have a few reasons why I personally do not. As long as you have old Disney gift cards in good condition, you can reload them on Disney Gift, up to $1,000 per card. Instead of buying physical Disney gift cards, I purchase Disney e-gift cards. Two major reasons being, there is no chance of it getting lost or stolen in the mail! Also, I am impatient and like getting it quickly by email!

Is that new or are you referring to POS within the parks/stores? I have always gone to the lobby of our resort to pay off whatever has been charged to our magic bands using my Disney gift cards and have used many of them at once (our last trip was May 2021).

I used e-gift cards last week at WDW. I took screen shots of each gift card, wrote the nickname I made for each gift card on the screenshot (so I could keep track of which card I was using), and placed them all into an album on my phone. It was easy to text a screenshot to my husband if he needed a gift card as well. And for any purchases in the My Disney experience app, I could copy the e-gift card number right out of the screenshot and paste into the My Disney experience app. For a family of 5 and 7 days at Disney, we used a lot of gift cards! When I realized I was going to run out and could use another, it was super easy to go to and order another. I hope that helps!

Disney World vacations create magical memories that can last a lifetime. However, with the average cost running into the thousands, Disney vacations can also make a huge dent in the family budget! The good news is there are several ways to save money on Disney World tickets, hotels, food, and souvenirs by using a few easy money-saving tricks. In this article, we will show you the secrets of how to find Disney Gift Card discounts by scoring valuable cash-back and reward points at retailers, grocery stores, office supply stores, airlines, and more. Disney gift card discounts are within easy reach, so why not take advantage of these deals now?

Some people have run into problems buying Disney gift cards in bulk (using the REDcard). If you encounter any difficulties, the best strategy for buying several Disney gift cards is to buy them at a store (instead of online) and to add some merchandise to diversify your order.

When you buy $250 in Disney gift cards during the 4X Fuel Points promotion, you will receive 1000 Fuel Points (worth $1/gallon up to 35 gallons at Kroger gas stations). Therefore, if you buy 35 gallons of gas, you automatically save $35 on the $250 cost (which comes out to be a 14% savings).

The Double Award Miles business card allows you to earn 2 miles per $1 spent on airline tickets purchased from United, and on purchases at restaurants, gas stations, and office supply stores, and earn 1 mile per $1 spent on all other purchases. So if you use your Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card to buy Disney gift cards at office supply stores, you can apply your mileage rewards to your fight to Disney World.

Yes you can. Disney cards are considered entertainment cards so you can purchase them with a gift card at Target. Just take them to the register and have them ring them up, I have done this many times.

I kind of doubt they will do it again, but two years ago, Target ran a special where every two entertainment gift cards you bought, you got a $5 Target gift card. You could use those Target gift cards to buy more entertainment gift cards and use your Target card to get 5% off. I went from Target to Target, buying $25 Disney gift cards and then using my promo Target gift cards to buy more. Long story short, between my 5% off using my Target gift card and the money I saved getting the free promo cards, I financed my entire Disney trip with Disney gift cards bought from Target and saved about $250.

Did you know that you can pay for your entire Disney vacation with Disney gift cards? Why would you want to do this? Because if you buy discount Disney gift cards, you are in essence saving money on your Disney vacation.

As good deals come and go, we routinely update this post with the best options for saving money on Disney gift cards. Some of them are convoluted and have limited applicability. Others are open to everyone but have stricter purchase limits.

Where this deal gets really sweet is if you have If you have any Chase credit or debit cards (or the Best Buy card), as many of these have targeted offers for 10% cashback at Best Buy. That should be stackable with this offer, making the discount even better.

The Target REDcard gets you an automatic 5% discount on any purchase at Target, including gift cards. Among other things, Target sells Disney gift cards both online and in-store, making for a simple way to save 5% on your Walt Disney World vacation.

With all of that said, good luck leveraging these Disney gift card hacks to save a little more money on your Walt Disney World vacation! With a little work, these strategies can be incredibly valuable and make those exorbitant prices a little more palatable. Once you learn the ropes with using these tactics for Disney, think bigger picture. There are entire blogs and websites devoted to travel hacks, including churning, manufactured spends, etc. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are almost endless.

I just took advantage of the Best Buy deal and noticed they were also offering a 100$ Uber gift card for 90$. Since this is a good way to get to/from Disney I went ahead and grabbed one of these, too!

A quick follow-up question, does target limit the number of gift cards you can purchase with their credit card? Or can you purchase multiple Disney gift cards to use towards your vacation? If they do not cap, this, that would be a great way to save

Important PSA: earlier this year, Meijer ran their mperks deal offering $10 off per $50 of gift cards purchased, not $5. My whole traveling party maxed out that deal. It was great! So keep your eyes peeled for that deal returning at some point.

When discover card has the 5% back on grocery stores (like now March 2022) you can buy the gift cards at Safeway and earn double points on gift card purchases which can be redeemed for free groceries. And then when you redeem the discover card for other (non disney) gift cards you have a bonus on that. so you are saving 8-9% effectively.

If it is Disney owned you can use a Disney gift card. For restaurants not owned by Disney you can use a gift card from them. For example T-Rex is owned by Landry, you can use Landry gift cards there or T-Rex specific gift cards.

Got 2 $500 gift cards through Target and saved $50. Combined the 2 into 1 GC on Disney gift cards website. Took a picture of the scan bar and used it for everything food and merchandise all weekend. I just wish I had done that for our reservation before I booked the trip. It would have saved us another $75. Not a lot, but for a Disney trip every penny counts.

I put my Disney GCs in my apple wallet and when we went anywhere in the parks they scanned my phone code. Worked for ice cream at the small stands in the Aminal Kingdom as well as the large restaurants. Did not have to carry the gift cards around with us. Very convenient. Could have linked them to our old magic bands also.

I save all of the Target gift cards I earn when I take advantage of their gift card offers. An example would be when they offer a $5 Target gift card for buying 3 hair care items. Instead of spending the Target gift cards I store them all in a bowl at home.

When I have a nice stockpile of gift cards I enter them into the Target app on my phone. The Target app will allow you to combine all your Target gift cards into one gift card which makes it so much easier at checkout. Using one gift card on your phone is so much easier than using 20 $5 Target gift cards.

Once our vacation draws near, I head to Target to buy Disney gift cards with all of the Target gift cards that I earned and stored onto my Target app. I easily end up with $50-$100 worth of spending money.

HI, i got two gift cards to target, both having 25 dollars on each. I did the combining on the website and bought a 50$ gift card to disneyland with the two target gift cards! Worked great! They will not do that in the stored anymore, but had no issues doing it online! Thank you for the great advice! My boyfriend and I planned a trip to disneyland for my birthday, and we are going to be staying at the hotel, so the extra money is great!

Disney gift cards are pretty much exactly what you think they are, little plastic cards that hold money to be spent on Disney products. Once Disney gift cards are purchased and activated there are no fees and they never expire.

The actual definition of a discounted Disney gift card is pretty easy. It is simply a Disney gift card that is purchased in such a way that the cost of the card is less than the face value of the card. For example, a $100 Disney gift card which actually costs $95.

As I mentioned above, you can use Disney gift cards to pay for any aspect of your Disney vacation. However, there are some pieces of the vacation you *might* be able to find cheaper in other ways than using discounted Disney gift cards.

Some of this simply depends on how much of a savings you are able to manage on your discounted gift cards. If you average 5-6%, odds are you can find a greater discount at places like Undercover Tourist.

But there are some great uses of discounted Disney gift cards regardless of how much of a discount you bought them at. Any purchases made during your trip when you are a captive audience fall under that heading.

One more very important thing before we get down to business. I mentioned this briefly a moment ago, but stacking deals is a very in depth and often complicated part of buying discounted Disney gift cards. 041b061a72


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