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Angry Birds Classic: How to Play the Game that Started it All without Downloading

Angry Birds Classic: How to Play Online for Free Without Downloading Anything

Angry Birds Classic is one of the most popular and influential mobile games of all time. It is a casual puzzle game that involves launching colorful birds at green pigs who have stolen their eggs. The game features challenging physics-based gameplay, hours of replay value, and a lot of fun and humor. If you are looking for a way to play Angry Birds Classic online for free without downloading anything, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to enjoy this classic game on your browser, as well as give you some information about its gameplay, features, history, and reviews.

The Gameplay and Features of Angry Birds Classic

The gameplay of Angry Birds Classic is simple and addictive. You use a slingshot to launch different types of birds at the pigs' fortresses, which are made of various materials such as wood, stone, glass, ice, etc. Your goal is to destroy all the pigs on each level using as few birds as possible. You can also try to collect stars, eggs, and other items for extra points.

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The game has several features that make it more interesting and varied. Here are some of them:

The Different Types of Birds and Their Unique Powers

There are 10 types of birds in Angry Birds Classic, each with their own appearance, personality, sound, and ability. You can use these abilities by tapping on the screen while the bird is in mid-air. Here are the birds and their powers:






No special power

The Blues


Split into three smaller birds



Speed up in a straight line



Explode on impact or after a few seconds



Drop an egg bomb downwards



Boomerang back in a U-shaped curve


Big Red

No special power but very large and heavy



Inflate like a balloon and push objects away



Create a bubble that lifts objects up

Mighty Eagle

The pigs use their own inventions to steal the eggs

A workshop with wheels, springs, and rockets

Surf and Turf

The birds enjoy the beach and the sea

A tropical island with palm trees, sand, and water

Red's Mighty Feathers

The red bird gets a power-up from the mighty eagle

A farm with corn fields, fences, and tractors

Short Fuse

The pigs experiment with explosives and chemicals

A laboratory with flasks, tubes, and magnets

Flock Favorites

A collection of fan-favorite levels from previous episodes

Various settings from previous episodes

BirdDay 5

The birds celebrate their fifth anniversary with new levels

A cake with candles, balloons, and confetti

Golden Eggs

A set of bonus levels that can be unlocked by finding hidden golden eggs or completing certain tasks

Various settings and themes depending on the level

King Pig Mode

A special mode that can be unlocked by completing all the levels with three stars

A mode where you play as the pigs and try to protect the eggs from the birds

The Mighty League and the Powerups to Boost Your Performance

Angry Birds Classic also has a social feature called the Mighty League, where you can compete with other players around the world in daily and weekly tournaments. You can earn medals, trophies, and coins by ranking high on the leaderboards. You can also use coins to buy powerups that can help you in the game. The powerups are:



Sling Scope

Show a laser pointer that helps you aim better

King Sling