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Here at ZayFlex, we're looking to introduce a LIFESTYLE to those looking to take control of their health. We're here to inspire people of any age, race and gender to WANT to live a healthier life. A change of behavior and mindset can break the cycle our communities has suffered from for generations. Today, we have the tools to educate ourselves about proper nutrition, physical and mental exercise. We're here to pass on our knowledge to those in need.



Since the age of 6, fitness has played a vital role in my life. I grew up around dumbbells, barbells and plates. They give me a sense of comfort. My father would push me physically every chance he had while my uncle would train and workout in various gyms in Columbia, South Carolina. Being surrounded by that environment, my love for fitness continued to grow.

​Throughout my school years, I began to become more involved in football and basketball. Strength and condiontioning go hand and hand with sports, which led me back to my first love. As I became more knowledgeable in the weightroom, I realized I had a calling for training. My friends and family came to me for fitness advice which grew my confidence to live my dream as  personal trainer. Currently, I am changing lives in fit industry and challenging myself as a bodybuilder with my uncle as my coach and mentor.



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